Thursday, March 24, 2016

The One to One format

SARCHA associates
Olga Touloumi (on a short research visit form the US) 
met in London on March 23, 2016 
and entertained SARCHA’s educational imperative. 
A reloading is in the making 
that involves associates’ 
one to one’ thought-assemblage formations.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

SARCHA in Sustainable Architecture Assemblages

In Sustainable Architecture Assemblages Maria Theodorou and David Turnbull discuss SARCHA and ATOPIA

Their chapter is structured in three parts that use different entry points to approach sustainable architecture as a condition of a material assemblage that combines concepts, buildings, structures, educational and professional practices, political and financial conditions, global technologies, local technics, friendships, alliances, weather conditions and apparatuses of capture. Part 1 provides a thinking device for discussing architecture’s lively matter beyond the straitjacket of sustainability guidelines and questions the Siamese birth that ties sustainability to development. In Part 2, Waterbanks – PITCHAfrica case study unfolds the complex assemblage of sustainable architecture operations in Africa. In Part 3, both authors reflect on the architecture knowledge assemblage within which their alternative professional and educational practice emerged. Can their experimentations with ATOPIA and SARCHA be understood as ‘sustainable’ architecture practices?  To formulate differently the chapter’s main question: can ‘sustainable’ architecture be produced only within a different mindset that generates another type of practice and education? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Belém_An amazonic metropolis -Brazil by SARCHA working meeting

 Our friend Alberto Lima currently in Brazil, 
participated via Skype in the 18/3/2015 Brazil by SARCHA (UK) working meeting. 
Alberto prepared a presentation of his city, Belém, the gateway to the river Amazon in Brazil; he contributed to the ongoing discussion on possible themes to be considered in setting up a Brazil by SARCHA  project. 
 The format/structure of the project is the theme for our next meeting on Wednesday 25/3/2015. 
Updates on meetings will be uploaded on this website 
please sent e-mail at if you would like to join. 
See also previous post on this blog

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brazil by SARCHA working meetings

In a series of meetings, SARCHA associates and Brazilian like-minded friends are exploring city themes of common interest in the process of setting up a project in Brazil; the initiative started last June with much help from our Brazilian associate Renan Marinho from Fortaleza.
In the latest UK meeting (11/3/2015) organised by Danilo Caporalli Barbosa from Belo Horizonte, SARCHA associates, Maria Theodorou, George Themistokleous, Petros Tsitnidis and friend Giorgio Ponzo met the following group of Brazilians friends and discussed matters of concern in their cities: Luiza Helena Amoroso De Oliveira from Sao Paulo / Barbara Luiza Makowiescky de Espindola from Florianopolis / Yasmim Vieira Uchoa Dias from Salvador / Isabela Camargo Ribeiro Marques from Maceio /  Vivian Oliveira Santos Silva from Salvador /Nattyelle Baeta Brandao Silva from Belo Horizonte/ Carmelia Nunes Carilo Cavalcante from Salvador / Nathalia Maria Menezes Silva from Recife /Iris Maria Costa Fajardo Werneck Loche from Vicosa.
The meeting continues on Tuesday 17/3/2015 
the group will discuss on-line with friends from different cities living currently in Brazil
Updates on meetings will be uploaded on this website, 
please sent e-mail at 
if you would like to join

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Emergent Agency of the Urban

“The ‘open’ architectural ‘education’ structure of SARCHA, 
succeeded in pointing out 
the Emergent Agency of the Urban 
through its research programmes and projects in the crisis ridden Athens:  
Not an abstract container that accommodates conflicts and contradictions, the urban functions as an apparatus, a material device by which the recombination of human, non-human, technical, technological, organic, inorganic matter and matters produces new assemblages that continually reshape empirically and theoretically the conceptualization and understanding of our categorizations.” 
Concluding remarks by SARCHA’s speaker Dr Maria Theodorou 
in the “Athens Radical Futures?” Symposium
 organized by Penny Travlou and Tahl Kaminer and supported by the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape architecture (ESALA) and the Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh, 20.11.2014   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Athens, Radical Futures? Symposium_ SARCHA@ the University of Edinburgh

On November 20 2014
the conceptual framework of the School of Architecture for All (SARCHA) will be presented though a number of its Research programmes and projects at the 
Athens, Radical Futures? symposium 
organized Penny Travlou and Tahl Kaminer 
The event is supported by the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape architecture (ESALA) and the Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

POP_URB_A Horizon 2020 proposal in the making: SARCHA+European Humanities University

 Following the non-successful submission of RES_URB in the context of FP7 in 2013, SARCHA has recently been invited by the European Humanities University to work as a project partner and prepare a Horizon 2020 proposal to be submitted in May 2015. 
 The first meeting of partners in the form of an international workshop took place on November 2-3 2014 in Vilnius Lithuania.  
 Participating partners include:1.      Felix Ackermann, European Humanities University, Vilnius
2.      Allan Cochrane, Open University UK
3.      Ben Cope, European Humanities University, Vilnius
4.      Mary Dellenbaugh, Humboldt University, Berlin
5.      Lucie Galčanová, Masaryk University, Brno
6.      Tahl kaminer ESALA University of Edinburgh
7.      Maros Krivy, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
8.      Miodrag Kuč, European Humanities University, Vilnius
9.      Siarhei Liubimau, European Humanities University, Vilnius
10.   Maja Momirov, University of Novy Sad
11.   Agnieszka Ogrodowczyk, University of Łódź
12.   Steve Pile, Open University, UK
13.   Marta Prista, Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA), Lisbon
14.   Maria Theodorou, School of Architecture for All (SARCHA), Athens GR
15.   Igor Tyshchenko, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Kyiv
A meeting of SARCHA’s working team will be planned in the UK in the forthcoming weeks to discuss organizational issues and the involvement of associates that might be interested to work on the proposal. 
More news on this blog soon.