Saturday, June 29, 2013

DEMOS: thought-provoking presentation/discussion of Ideas in London

In the image above, invited guests discuss the “Intensified, layered ‘court’ scenario for Kotzia square, Athens”. The proposal drafted by Friedrich Grafling AADpl (Hon) was one among the 15 thought-provoking submissions at the Demos_by Sarcha call for ideas that were presented and discussed at the Westminster Law and Theory Center, London yesterday (28/6/2013). The discussion has been recorded and is to be prepared (enriched with visual material of all entries) and uploaded at  in the coming weeks.
We are grateful to our steady strategic patner in London the Westminster Law and Theory Center and its co-directors Dr Julia Chryssostalis and prof Andreas Philippopoulos- Mihalopoulos, for hosting the event and indebted to discussant guests: N. Boyarsky, T. Stoppani, J. Chryssostalis, B. Hatton, N. Matziounis, J. Andrews, M. Smith, T. Hoshino, who accepted our invitation to review the entries.
Many thanks to all 15 teams and individual participants (see below) who have sent their ideas and provided the material for a stimulating and productive exchange among discussant guests associates and friends. All entries will be uploaded at (submission section) by early July 2013.
Names of participants- titles of entries:
George Sachinis - UrbanDig Project / Cristiano Lippa, Fabiano Micocci, Lorenzo Scarpetti (Near Architecture) - The thickness of commons / Friedrich Grafling AADpl (Hon) - Intensified, layered ‘court’ scenario for Kotzia square, Athens / Point Supreme – Kotzia Square / Vanda Chalyvopoulou, Andreas Kargsten – Democracy’s Cage / Dora Gkiola, Anna Kaouri, Katerina Giokari – Public Flows / Irini-Aimilia Ioannidou, Eleftherios Ambatzis – Open-projected Theater / Petros Stoumpos – An alternative way to protest / Vasia Angeli (MA Interior Design) – Interweaving Layers / Matika Christina, Paravoliasis Manos – Kotzia Square a new public play-garden for Athens Town Hall / Louisa Varelidi, Stella Papazoglou –Stair-eographing kotzia square / Nanchen Jiang MArch – The Wall of Choices / Anh Dung TA – Tactical Kotzia / Aristotelis Dimitrakopoulos Aristotheke Eutectonics – City Hole / Larry Cool poet – In Silence the World Starts Anew (See below three out of the 15 entries)

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