Sunday, February 09, 2014

Another architecture history is possible: MayDayRooms and SARCHA with the Leeds school of architecture first year students in London

Animated discussion on another type of architectural history 
over a warm communal soup
On February 6, 2014, the hosted a handful of SARCHA associates and first year students from the Leeds school of architecture, at their strategically placed headquarters at 88 Fleet Street in London.
 The maydayroom group offered a warm communal soup (with bread provided by SARCHA); their ‘archive with a cause’ (animating communal struggles material from over the world) was discussed with the students and the possibility of another education in architecture history as a way to apprehend and confront the ‘turbulent present’ was entertained. 
During the tour of the building, everyone had the ‘fleeting’ experience of ‘keep an eye’ on Goldman Sachs activities; for the maydayroom brick terrace overlooks the Goldman Sachs glass building across the street. 
The ‘fleeting’ experience of ‘keeping an eye’ on 
Goldman Sachs headquarters across the street.

Under the rain: peripateia in the radical history of 
 London printing around Fleet Street 
Under the rain, the visit concluded with a peripateia in the radical history of London printing around Fleet Street. 
A next visit to discuss the work of students and SARCHA associates is planned for June.
 Those who are interested in organizing this next visit and be involved in the thinking of another architecture history, please contact in late April 2014.

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