Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brazil by SARCHA working meetings

In a series of meetings, SARCHA associates and Brazilian like-minded friends are exploring city themes of common interest in the process of setting up a project in Brazil; the initiative started last June with much help from our Brazilian associate Renan Marinho from Fortaleza.
In the latest UK meeting (11/3/2015) organised by Danilo Caporalli Barbosa from Belo Horizonte, SARCHA associates, Maria Theodorou, George Themistokleous, Petros Tsitnidis and friend Giorgio Ponzo met the following group of Brazilians friends and discussed matters of concern in their cities: Luiza Helena Amoroso De Oliveira from Sao Paulo / Barbara Luiza Makowiescky de Espindola from Florianopolis / Yasmim Vieira Uchoa Dias from Salvador / Isabela Camargo Ribeiro Marques from Maceio /  Vivian Oliveira Santos Silva from Salvador /Nattyelle Baeta Brandao Silva from Belo Horizonte/ Carmelia Nunes Carilo Cavalcante from Salvador / Nathalia Maria Menezes Silva from Recife /Iris Maria Costa Fajardo Werneck Loche from Vicosa.
The meeting continues on Tuesday 17/3/2015 
the group will discuss on-line with friends from different cities living currently in Brazil
Updates on meetings will be uploaded on this website, 
please sent e-mail at 
if you would like to join

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